Here are some tips on how to find your event store. Usually store links are emailed directly to you, but if you have not received one, then you can find you event by opening our homepage ( and looking for the FIND MY EVENT button, just below the banner. 

Once you click you should see an event type selection. If you are searching for an ACTION event, then you will be redirected to our Action Event list.

If you are looking for a team and individual photo shoot, then you will be presented with an event search box that looks like this.

Here are the quickest methods for searching for your event. Only fill one field at a time to limit your search down. Here are our suggestion to quickly find your event.

  1. Search By The Players Surname:  Example, if the players name is John Smitherson, then try searching just "Smitherson" in the players name. This would usually be enough to reduce the events and allow you to find the event link.
  2. Search By Event Name: Again, you should only need to search one word to filter the event enough. Example if you event club name is "Rocksbury Heights Soccer Club", then you can try just searching "Rocksbury".
  3. When using different fields, make sure to clear your previous filter, so you don't accidentally limit your new search.

    If you still are having issues locating your event, then feel free to call our support desk, and we'll be happy to directly send you the link.